ProForm Treadmill Reviews

This company attracts more buyers than any other competitor in the market. Icon Health and Fitness who are behind this name are the biggest manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world.

ProForm not only make a wide range of treadmills they also make a wide range of other fitness equipment including ellipticals, exercise bikes, strength equipment, vibration and ab machines together with a host of other fitness accessories.

These are the treadmills that we have reviewed from this brand:

ProForm “Performance” Series

ProForm “Sport” Series

ProForm “Power” Series

ProForm “Premier” Series

ProForm “PRO” Series

Official “Boston Marathon” Series

ProForm “Treadmill Desks”

ProForm exercise treadmills compete well against the other marques, because they serve their purpose so well. It is a low priced treadmill that performs exceptionally well.

While it can’t compete with the “big boys”, for consumers on a budget, these machines are a safe bet. It should be remembered that if it wasn’t for Icon there would be very few exercise treadmills under $1000.

The reason no other fitness equipment companies strongly compete in this category is that making a truly hard core, long lasting, abuse eating exercise treadmill for less than $1000 is difficult.

They have one of the most comprehensive range of exercise treadmills on the market. You could argue it’s too comprehensive – almost overwhelming.

The majority of their treadmills span from very low cost, entry-level models up to treadmills you would class in the mid price range. Typically that equates to a price range of $500 to $4000.

If you consider yourself a more serious fitness enthusiast , a seasoned runner or expect your treadmill to receive heavy usage, avoid the lowest priced models.

One of the problems you will encounter with lower priced exercise treadmills is the short warranty. Most treadmills in this price category are covered by relatively short warranties. Of course it only becomes a problem should your machine break down in the first few years.

To be fair though, you do get what you pay for and some Proform treadmills offer quite good value for money with features not found on most budget machines of the same price. Some of these branded features sound very similar and can make comparisons confusing, so here’s a quick summary:

ProTech Cushioning: basic fixed cushioning that helps protect your joints from unnecessary stress and injury.

ProShox Cushioning: works using a pressure-responsive air shock beneath the center of the treadmill deck. When you step down, the shock’s air chamber compresses, helping to reduce impact.

ProTech Custom Cushioning: With the Custom Cushioning System, you can manually adjust the deck for the best feel.

EKG2 Grip Pulse: helps you exercise in your target heart rate zone for maximum fitness efficiency. Simply grip the built in heart rate sensors for quick pulse data.

If you’re a fan of heart rate monitors then go for the optional chest strap for more accurate readings.

iFIT: provides additional interactive exercise workouts that can be downloaded from the internet.

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