FreeMotion Treadmill Reviews

The worlds largest manufacturer of exercise equipment – Icon Health & Fitness who are responsible for the NordicTrack, ProForm, and Reebok brands also make FreeMotion Treadmills.

The company produce treadmills for both the domestic and commercial markets. Consistent across the entire range is a generous sized running deck/belt, good cushioning and well designed console displays sporting innovative features such as iFIT.

These are the models that we have reviewed:

FreeMotion “Folding” Treadmills

FreeMotion treadmills offer a premium, low-impact cardio workout that has all of the features and benefits of a commercial grade machine.

Some of the features include the QuickTouch feature that allows you to adjust both your speed and incline with the single touch of a button. You can adjust both your speed and incline in small increments in line with your individual fitness requirements.

Across the range they employ commercial grade drive motors that ensure that you experience a smooth and quiet workout.

All models are available with a variety of built-in programs such as the Interval, Fit Test, Custom and All Terrain in order to provide comprehensive strength and aerobic conditioning.

Most models have high resolution LCD consoles that display essential workout data such as speed, pace, distance, time, incline, calories, calories per hour, and pulse.

Many models utilize the iFIT Technology in association with Jillian Michaels Personal Training. This technology is like having your own personal trainer. The iFIT cards automatically change the speed and incline on the treadmill, and additionally provides audible coaching in order to keep the consumer motivated.

A good indication of the quality of any exercise treadmill (and indeed any piece of fitness equipment) is the duration of the warranty. FreeMotion treadmills typically are supported by long and comprehensive warranties.

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