Image Treadmill Reviews

This brand are produced by Icon Health and Fitness who are the largest fitness equipment company in the world.

Since the Image fitness brand is not as well-known as other Icon brands, you typically get more treadmill for your money with Image exercise treadmills in this mid price range.

Similar in quality to its brothers Nordic Track treadmills and Reebok treadmills, quality is as good and performance is equally as good.

These are the exercise treadmills that we reviewed:

Image 15.0R

Image 16.0QL

Image 17.0R

Image Advanced 1400

Image Advanced 3000

As with most fitness equipment in the Icon Health and Fitness treadmill range, Image exercise treadmills offer a number of good features to help you stay motivated and enjoy your treadmill workouts.

Image Features
It’s been suggested by several online reviewers that you typically get better value for money with Image treadmills than the other Icon fitness brands.

Wide treadmill belt
20 inch by 55 inch running surface providing a greater sense of comfort and space.

Space Saver
In other words it’s a folding exercise treadmill with a trade marked name for it.

3-2-1 Warranty
Compared to some other makes the 3 years motor, 2 years parts and 1 year labor is a good feature. Better than the standard 90-day warranty with some Icon treadmills have, though they still don’t compare well to other quality fitness brands such as Smooth, Landice and more.

iFIT technology
Many Image treadmills embody iFIT technology. This feature makes your fitness workouts more enjoyable and meaningful with professional workouts from CDs, videos and from the internet.

Treadmill Comparisons
As with most of the Icon fitness brands, you can find a good selection of entry-level to mid-range exercise treadmills. They have some nifty features such as the iFIT technology, space-saving designs and good wide treadmill belts.

These are entry-level to mid-range machines offering some good features. Components and build quality is comparable to it’s sibling HealthRider treadmills.

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