HealthRider Treadmill Reviews

Icon Health and Fitness who are the world’s largest manufacturer of fitness equipment and who are behind such big brand names as Nordic Track, Weider, Weslo, and Reebok also make HealthRider Treadmills.

In the early 1990s, millions of people became excited about fitness equipment thanks to the introduction of the original HealthRider. The HealthRider was a total body exercise machine that made fitness easy and even fun!

Today, the new lines of HealthRider exercise treadmills are based on the same concepts – innovative technology, easy-to-use, low-impact and enjoyable. That’s what HealthRider exercise treadmills are all about!

The following are the models that we have reviewed:

HealthRider H150i 

HealthRider PRO H450i 

HealthRider PRO H500i 

HealthRider H550i 

HealthRider Outlook 

HealthRider R60 

HealthRider t600i 

HealthRider H75t 

HealthRider H90t 

HealthRider H120t 

HealthRider H130t 

HealthRider H140t 

Many of the Icon Fitness brands are good on features; Grip Pulse sensors and iFIT technology, using CDs, videos and the internet, the iFIT technology automatically controls the speed, incline, or resistance of your machine.

HealthRider fitness treadmills also have the SoftTrack Cushing system that will get a softer and safer workout for your ankles, knees and hips. It feels great and it’s exclusive to HealthRider exercise treadmills (Cushing system varies between models).

The Healthrider exercise treadmill offers a ton of features for fitness fans packed into an easily affordable price.

The new models have a much sleeker design than previous models while still providing those extras to make your exercise workouts challenging.

BioLogic grip pulse sensors allow you to ensure you’re working in your target heart rate fitness zone.

Both are iFIT fitness compatible and offer a wide selection of built-in exercise programs. CoolAire Workout fans are an added luxury to keep you cool while working out.

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