Fuel Treadmill Reviews

This is a comparatively new treadmill manufacturer. Fuel Treadmills was launched in order to try and meet customers demands for high quality standards and long-term performance at a budget price.

Fuel’s modern manufacturing facility unlike many other treadmill manufacturers is based in the U.S. and deals with the logistics, shipping, sales, customer service for their treadmills.

Their treadmills are supported by a lifetime warranty on the motor, deck and frame and a one year warranty on all other parts. They also include a one years “In Home” service in their warranty cover.

These are the models that we have reviewed:

 Fuel FT94

 Fuel FT96

An important consideration that Fuel fitness have given to the marketing of their products is the realization that even after reading all of the reviews on different treadmills the best test a consumer can make is to try the machine out in their own home.

To this end they offer a 45 day trial period on their fitness products. Fuel claim that if during this time the customer is not satisfied with their purchase they will refund the purchase amount and freight charge, with no questions asked. The customer is only responsible to pay the freight charges back to Fuels facility in order to process the return.

Like the majority of domestic treadmills, Fuel treadmills do require a small amount of assembly. Fuel claim that this is a relatively easy task and can be completed by anyone who is reasonably dextrous in about 15-20 minutes.

The reason why some assembly is required is mainly to do with the console head which contains delicate electronics and is removed for protective reasons for shipping. This is the only piece that needs to be reassembled and they include an Allen Wrench to assist you. The only other tool required for assembly is a screwdriver.

There are three cables that need to be connected that route from the upper electronics to the lower board of the treadmill. This sounds daunting but actually the cable attachments go together as easy as plugging a phone into a phone jack.

Other than this, the only other task that is required is to tighten a few screws and then you are done. The owner’s manual has step by step guide to assist you and a company advisor is available by phone to provide any additional help.

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