Weslo Treadmill Reviews

Icon Health and Fitness the largest manufacturer of exercise equipment on the planet make Weslo Treadmills.

Their list of fitness equipment brand names is impressive, including names such as Weider, Reebok, Weslo and Nordic Track to name a few.

These are the models that we have reviewed.

 Weslo Cardio Stride Plus

 Weslo Cadence C22

 Weslo Cadence C44

 Weslo Cadence G25

 Weslo Cadence 50SE

 Weslo Cadence 80 
It would be unreasonable to compare Weslo with other exercise treadmills costing thousands of dollars, but for consumers on a budget, they might be worth considering. It should be remembered that some of their models can be purchased at a price of just under $200!

Fitness amateurs can achieve their goals at an economical price with one of these treadmills. When compared to other fitness equipment brands they cost less and users do not have to spend a lot of money to get what they want out of their home fitness gym.

Very few other fitness equipment companies compete in this price range because making a hard wearing, long lived, robust exercise treadmill for less than $1000 is not only hard its almost impossible.

They range from very low cost, beginners models up to exercise treadmills you would class in the mid price range. This covers a price range of between $200 to $1300.

Serious athletes, seasoned runners or fitness amateurs who expect their treadmill to receive heavy use, should avoid the lowest priced models.

One of the short falls you may come across with low priced machines is the warranty. Most exercise treadmills in this price range are guaranteed for 90 days and these are no different. This of course will only be a problem should your machine fail in the first few years.

Their treadmills offer exceptional value for money with features not usually offered on exercise treadmills in this price range,including space saving designs that can be folded away after use.

Weslo brings over twenty years of exercise treadmill and fitness equipment expertise and manufacturing in their line of innovative equipment designed for fitness conscious people.

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