Epic Treadmill Reviews

These are manufactured by Icon Health & Fitness who are the world’s largest manufacturer of exercise equipment. As well as making Epic Treadmills they are also responsible for other famous brands such as NordicTrack, HealthRider, ProForm, Reebok and Weslo.

Occupying the low to mid-price sector of the treadmill market, they tend to be characterized by being feature rich and offering good value for money.

These are the models that we have reviewed:

Epic 450 MX Treadmill

Epic 600 MX Treadmill

Epic exercise treadmills compete well against the other brands, because they meet customer’s expectations. It is a low priced treadmill that has the features customer’s demand and Epic’s product quality although not up with some of the more expensive brands is continually improving.

While it can’t compete with some of the upper market names, for consumers on a budget they are worthy of consideration.

The majority of treadmills in their range span from low cost, entry-level models up to treadmills that you would class in the mid price range. Typically that equates to a price range of $999 to $1500.

If you consider yourself to be a serious fitness enthusiast, a seasoned runner or in any other regard expect that your treadmill will receive heavy use then avoid the lowest priced treadmills in their range.

Of course as is the case with most things, you tend to get what you pay for, but on the whole Epic treadmills offer quite good value for money with features not found on some budget machines of the same price.

One of the main things that you can expect to find on their treadmills is the iFIT feature.

The iFIT technology uses CD, video, and Internet programs to automatically control the speed, incline, or resistance of your machine, giving you a more enjoyable fitness workout.

The CD, video, and Internet programs automatically control the speed, incline, or resistance of your machine so you know you’re getting a complete, effective workout every time.

iFIT.com uses patent-pending technology to interactively control your fitness equipment. Digital cues are sent from the iFIT.com web site, compact discs, and videos to vary resistance, speed, and incline functions according to workouts developed by our iFIT.com personal trainers

A certified personal trainer guides you through a complete fitness workout, providing encouragement and instruction while upbeat workout music keeps you moving.

The iFIT.com certified personal trainers have designed a vast library of workouts that automatically control your exercise machine. They have produced many programs so that you’ll always have a wide and interesting variety of new challenges.

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