Treadmill Walking

Walking is one of the easiest and most natural forms of walking and using a treadmill it can be carried out indoors.

The two most popular forms of exercising are running and walking. Whether you are a casual walker or a serious runner, treadmill walking can accommodate your exercise needs.

Try these tips to get the most out of this particular exercise regime:

  • Videotape your favorite daytime soaps, sitcoms, or movies, and get on the treadmill to watch them when you have time. If you want to protect the rest of the family from blaring TV at ungodly hours, wear wireless headphones. A close-captioned TV allows you to read the words and listen to music at the same time!

  • Buy fitness videos to gain new ideas for adding to your current fitness program. Watch them in half-hour increments during your workout.

  • Use hand weights or wrist weights to add to your “treadmill power workout”. Tone and shape your arms while burning body fat. Talk to friends and family on the phone.

  • Listen to books on tape and get smarter while you get leaner. Find something that you will only allow yourself to listen to while on the treadmill, that way you will have to do your workout in order to find out “who did it”.

  • Do you prefer reading while treadmill walking? There are reading racks available that will fit virtually any treadmill.

  • Get yourself psyched by hanging a picture of how you want to look near your treadmill, as inspiration to reach your goal.

  • Do your laundry and walk until the buzzer on the dryer goes off.

  • Light scented candles and walk in relaxing semi-darkness – a true mind/body experience!

  • Put dinner in the oven and walk until the timer goes off.

  • Use treadmill walking time for meditation, prayer, or daily review. Figure out life’s meaning while increasing your endurance and health.

  • Interval circuit train – Walk for 10 minutes and then get off the treadmill and perform a set of strength training exercises.

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