Smooth CE 3.6 Elliptical Review

The Smooth CE 3.6 elliptical trainer with magnetic braking, heart rate control, and built-in adjustable cooling fan.

    Smooth CE 3.6 Elliptical 


Smooth CE 3.6 Elliptical


An extremely popular trainer, the Smooth CE 3.6 elliptical has a robust construction and has been designed for use in a home environment.


The machine offers an instinctual, fluent movement with an 18″ stride length. The foot pedals have been ergonomically designed to encourage your body’s natural movement and minimize stress on your joints. There are a total of 16 levels of intensity.


Some of the exciting features to help you meet your fitness goals include a backlit LCD display with 10 exacting programs, an iPod dock with powerful hi-fi speakers, and an integral workout fan to keep you cool even during your most vigorous workouts.


Main Features



  • Fixed Stride Type

  • Ergonomic Pivoting Pedals

  • Magnetic Resistance Braking

  • Backlit LCD Computer Display

  • iPod Docking Station

  • Heart Rate Control

  • Built-in Adjustable Fan

  • Adjustable 3 Speed Fan

  • Tilt and Go Wheels





  • Footprint: 76″ L x 26″ W x 67″ H

  • Stride Length: 18″

  • Max User Weight: 300 lbs

  • Unit Weight: 175 lbs

  • Warranty: Frame (Lifetime), Braking mechanism (Lifetime), Parts (5 yrs), Labor (2 yrs)


    Smooth CE 3.6 Console 


Computer LCD Display


The operating console has an easy-to-read, backlit LCD display. This allows you to monitor essential workout data such as course profiles, speed, time, distance, heart rate, calories, and resistance levels.


    Smooth CE 3.6 iPad 


Workout Programs


    MANUAL WORKOUT: This program option gives you direct control of the machine. You can generate your own workout or try out different aspects of the machine. 


    ENDURANCE PROGRAM: This program slowly increases the intensity by small increments to burn calories and increase physical strength. It includes a warm-up period at the start and a cooling down period at the end. There are eight adjustable levels. 


    WATT CONTROL: This program automatically alters the resistance level during the workout. You can adjust the degree of effort required or use the preset levels. 


    FAT BURNING: This program is designed for extended periods of exercise at a diminished level of intensity to stimulate your body to burn more calories. It has preset levels but can be customized by the user. 


    INTERVAL WORKOUT: This program alternates bursts of high and low intensity for a short, effective cardiovascular build-up. 


    RANDOM WORKOUT: You can choose from over 50 workout program profiles to stimulate and encourage you. 


    HEART RATE CONTROL: This program uses a wireless transmitter to send your heart rate data to the machine’s computer, which then modifies the intensity of the workout. It allows you to exercise within your target heart rate zone. 


Upper Body Workout


    This equipment offers a full-body workout program with moving handlebars to help you reach your fitness goals on a single piece of fitness equipment. 


Pivoting Pedals


    The trainer is equipped with ergonomically designed pivoting pedals that follow the movement of your ankle, preserving alignment and preventing strain on your ankle, knee, and hip. 


Wireless Heart Rate Control


    This elliptical trainer is equipped with wireless heart rate control. It adjusts the intensity of the workout based on your heart rate, allowing you to exercise within your target heart rate zone. 


iPod Dock


    A built-in iPod dock is coupled with integral speakers, allowing you to plug in your iPod and enjoy your favorite music or listen to an audiobook during your workout session. 


Workout Cooling Fan


    This elliptical comes equipped with a workout cooling fan. The console-mounted fan has three operating speeds and can be tilted to direct the cooling air where it’s needed. 


Water Bottle Holder


    The equipment has a conveniently located water bottle holder, ensuring you always have a drink available to keep you hydrated during your workout session. 


Transport Wheels


    The trainer is equipped with transport wheels, allowing you to easily move the equipment to any room in your home. 

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