Spirit Treadmill Reviews

Dyaco are the manufacturers of Spirit treadmills who have a long history of manufacturing fitness products.

A couple of years ago Dyaco purchased Spirit Fitness and has provided Spirit the financial strength, manufacturing ability and innovation it once had in the mid 1990’s of Spirit Fitness.

Spirit have carefully selected their product selection to provide several options and features in order for anyone to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Their focus is simple. Do things right and do them really well! They don’t try and impress the consumer with fancy marketing names or features.

Spirit fitness provide the consumer with the highest quality components, most important features and attention to detail that their engineers, with over twenty five years of experience, have found to be important.

These are the exercise treadmills that we have reviewed:

Spirit X10 

Spirit XT200

Spirit Z88

Spirit Z100

Spirit Z500
Here is the chronology and some important facts about Spirit fitness:

Spirit introduced Toning Tables in 1984. They switch their manufacturing to Treadmills in 1987.

In 1987 Spirit marketed a full line of treadmills and stair climbers

Spirit introduced a line of home gyms in 1989.

In approximately 1992 Spirit stopped producing the Stair Climbers and   Home Gyms.

1994 was Spirit’s best selling treadmill year.

In 2003, Dyaco and Spirit began their relationship in order for Spirit to regain their once dominating foot hold on the below $2000 price point treadmill market by manufacturing products for Spirit.

In 2004 Dyaco International, a Taiwan based fitness equipment manufacturer, acquired 100% ownership of Spirit Fitness.

Dyaco is a large vertically integrated global fitness equipment manufacturer based in Taiwan.

Spirit Fitness is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dyaco International.

Dyaco is one of the largest treadmill manufacturers in the world.

Dyaco/Spirit has produced over 500,000 treadmills since 1987.

Dyaco has produced over 40,000 ellipticals since 2004.

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