Smooth CE 7.4 Elliptical Review

The Smooth CE 7.4 Elliptical trainer with wireless heart rate control, magnetic braking system and iPOD docking station.

This is a gym quality, fitness machine which you can use in the comfort of your own home. The Smooth CE 7.4 elliptical has a solid and robust construction and is both smooth and quiet in operation.

This model benefits from an extra long 21″ stride coupled to ergonomic pivoting foot pedals that maintain your body’s innate movement and makes for a pleasurable workout experience.

There are 13 challenging programs to engage your interest and help you achieve your specific fitness goals. Additionally there are 16 levels of intensity which you can select to suit your requirements.

Other highlights of this equipment include wireless heart rate control, enhanced LED display and an iPOD dock coupled to Hi-Fi speakers. An adjustable workout cooling fan helps to keep you cool “when the going gets tough” and there are transport wheels for mobility.

The machine is covered by a warranty which offers lifetime warranty on the frame and braking mechanism, 7 years on all parts and 2 years labor.

Here are the main features:

Upper body workout

The equipment offers a full body workout program with moving handlebars that help you to reach your fitness goals on a single piece of fitness equipment.

LED dot matrix display

The operating console has an advanced computer with an LED Display. The four-window, dot matrix display provides an easy to read presentation of pulse, calories, heart rate, resistance level, speed, distance, time, RPM, course profiles, watts, target heart rate, and metabolic equivalents.

Workout options

The equipment comes with a variety of workout programs pre-installed. These consist of the following: manual, goals, metabolic equivalents, fat burning program, automatic interval.

MANUAL WORKOUT: The manual program on the trainer allows you to create your own personalized workout.

GOALS: The goal program allows you to select from either time, distance, or calorie objectives as your fitness goal.

METABOLIC EQUIVALENTS: This program allows you to choose a specific workload from 1 to 16 in order to approximate the effect of various activities ranging from slight to vigorous in intensity.

FAT BURNING: This program encourages you to workout for extended periods of time at a steady level of intensity to enable your body to maximize it’s ability to burn calories.

INTERVAL: The aim of this program is to increase your heart rate and cardiovascular capacity. It does this by providing high intensity workouts followed by a cool down period. There are nine intervals within this program each of which can be modified by the user.

STRENGTH: This program commences with a warm-up mode period and gradually increases in intensity in order to help burn fat and build endurance. The program has a cooling down period at the end.

FITNESS LEVEL TEST: This program uses the heart rate monitor during the test in order to fine tune your exercise routines. You will be able to discover your true level of fitness and use this information to create or modify future workouts.

TARGET HEART RATE: This program derives a target heart rate or alternatively you can set your own. When the program starts you are taken through a warm-up phase, then a vigorous workout and finally a cool down phase. All settings can be modified to the users liking.

CUSTOM PROGRAMS: The equipment has 5 programs that can be customized by the user. Whether you want to go for a casual walk or a vigorous run you have the ability to repeat this program as many times as you like. As your fitness levels change overtime you can modify these programs to your individual liking.

USER PROFILES: The trainer allows for up to 9 user profiles.

Wireless heart rate control

This trainer is equipped with wireless heart rate control. When this feature is selected a wireless transmitter sends data regarding your heart rate to the machine’s computer and this information is then used to modify intensity of the workout.

The machine is effectively changing its intensity in sympathy with your heart rate and allows you to exercise within your target heart rate zone.This method of training is popular with many athletes.

Ergonomic pedals

The pivoting foot pedals provide support for your heel while permitting your ankle joint to assume its natural position through the pedal’s movement. Optimal positioning is provided during the pedal’s transition and is critical to avoiding harmful impact to your ankle, knee and hip.

High mass flywheel

A heavy flywheel is utilized in the design of this machine.The high inertia of this flywheel smoothes out the action of the machine and ensures that it is free from any jerkiness of movement that is sometimes a characteristic of cheaper elliptical trainers.

Magnetic braking

The latest, advanced magnetic braking is used which results in silky, smooth speed changes and stops even during the most vigorous workouts sessions.

Integral sound system

The trainer is fitted with the “SmoothSound” integrated MP3 audio system. To use this music feature you simply connect an iPOD, MP3 or CD player to the LINE IN jack on the console. You can then listen to the music, either through headphones or the powerful speakers. There is a conveniently placed control knob to adjust the volume.

Reading rack

A small ledge mounted on the console in front of the display screen can be used to hold a book, magazine, phone, MP3 player or a tablet computer.

Workout cooling fan

A vigorous workout can leave you “hot and bothered”, but this trainer offers the comfort of an integrated workout cooling fan. The fan has 3 operating speeds and is adjustable so the air stream can be directed to your personal liking.

Drinks holder

A conveniently located drinks bottle holder means that you always have a drink available to keep you hydrated during your workout session.

Transport wheels

The trainer doesn’t have to be tied to one place. It is equipped with transport wheels that allow you to move it to different locations within your home.

Warranty details

The Smooth CE 7.4 elliptical trainer is underpinned by a lifetime warranty on the frame and braking system, 10 years on all parts and electronics and 2 years in home labor.


  • 16 Intensity Levels
  • 13 Workout Programs
  • LED Computer Display
  • 21″ Stride Length
  • Ergonomic Pedals
  • Magnetic Resistance Braking
  • iPOD Docking Station
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitor
  • Wireless Heart Rate Control
  • Workout Cooling Fan
  • Water Bottle Holder


  • Footprint: 83″ L x 27″ W x 67″ H
  • Stride Length: 21″ 
  • Max User Weight: 350 lbs
  • Unit Weight: 210 lbs
  • Warranty: Frame (Lifetime)
  • Braking Mechanism (Lifetime)
  • Parts (7 yrs)
  • Labor: (2yrs)

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