Smooth CE 3.0DS Elliptical Review

The Smooth CE 3.0DS elliptical trainer with elliptical and stepper functionality and magnetic braking feature.
Smooth CE 3.0DS Elliptical

Offering all of the functionality of a gym quality elliptical in a compact, space saving design the Smooth CE 3.0DS also offers dual functionality.

A key feature of this equipment is it’s ability to convert quickly from an elliptical trainer to a stair stepper.

It features a full 21-inch stride length, dual motion, magnetic braking system, and a dual color LCD display.

The workout intensity can be modulated in sympathy with the user’s heart rate via heart rate control technology. The heart rate data is taken from handlebar contacts or a wireless chest belt transmitter.

The machine is covered by a strong warranty which offers lifetime warranty on the frame, 2 years on braking system, 2 years on all parts (including electronics) and 2 years in home labor.

Here are the main features:
… upper body workout

This elliptical offers a full body workout program with moving handlebars that help you to reach your fitness goals on a single piece of fitness equipment.
… dual motion workout

The equipment offers dual functionality, quickly converting from an elliptical motion to a stair stepper motion. This dual functionality allows you to get two intense workouts in one fitness machine with a relatively small footprint.


Smooth CE 3.0DS Elliptical Function

… workout programs

MANUAL WORKOUT: With the same ease that you can rapidly switch between elliptical and stepper motions, you can also switch your workouts as you go. The manual program on the equipment allows you to create your own personalized workout.

6 PRESET WORKOUTS: This program allows you to workout for greater periods of time at a reduced intensity. This type of training encourages your body to burn more calories. There are 6 preset levels for this routine, but may be customized to suit any individual user.

4 HEART RATE CONTROL WORKOUTS: The unit determines a target heart rate based upon your sex, height, weight and age, or you can input your own target heart rate.The program begins with a warm-up routine, then a vigorous workout and finally a cool-down period.

4 CUSTOM WORKOUTS: These allow you to set up your own program whether this is a casual walk or a vigorous run and have the ability to repeat this program as many times as you like. With changes in your fitness level you can modify these programs to your individual liking.
body fat monitor

This program allows you to assess your Body Mass Index. The BMI is a formula used by fitness professionals to asses a person’s body weight, measuring the level of body fat in an individual. From the BMI number you can see if you are underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese.
computer LCD display

The operating console on has a dual color LCD display. This easy to read display allows you to read all relevant workout data including course profiles, time, distance/odometer, resistance levels, speed/RPM, age and pulse.


Smooth CE 3.0DS Console


… extended stride length

This is a space saving elliptical with a small footprint but nevertheless offers a full 21″ stride length that compares favorably with elliptical trainers that you would find at the gym. The equipment uses two adjustable motions to provide a full body workout.
… wireless heart rate control

The unit is equipped with wireless heart rate control. When this feature is selected a wireless transmitter sends data regarding your heart rate to the DMT X2’s computer and this information is then used to modify intensity of the workout.

The equipment is effectively changing its intensity in sympathy with your heart rate and allows you to exercise within your target heart rate zone.This method of training is popular with many athletes.
… water bottle holder

A conveniently located water bottle holder always you to have a drink available to keep you hydrated during your workout session.
… warranty details

The Smooth CE 3.0DS elliptical trainer is underpinned by a lifetime warranty on the frame and braking system, 3 years on all parts and electronics and 2 years in home labor.

16 Intensity Levels

16 Workout Programs

Elliptical & Stepper Functionality

Dual Color LCD Display

Fixed Pedal Type

Magnetic Resistance Braking

Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

Wireless Heart Rate Control

Water Bottle Holder

Footprint: 57″ L x 27″ W x 71″ H

Stride Length: 21″

Max User Weight: 300lbs

Unit Weight: 140lbs

Warranty: Frame (Lifetime)

               Braking mechanism (Lifetime)

                Parts (3yrs)

                Labor: (2yrs)

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