Smooth Agile DMT-X1 Review

The Smooth Agile DMT-X1 elliptical trainer with 12 dynamic motions, 16 levels of intensity and the added cardio-muscular benefits in Agile mode.

Building on the reputation of it’s bigger stable mate (the Agile DMT) the Smooth Agile DMT-X1, is lighter and cheaper than the original machine.

This is in essence an elliptical trainer, but whereas normal elliptical machines offer only one limited motion, this equipment offers twelve “dynamic” motions and sixteen levels of intensity.

The makers claim that the trainer’s unique motion strengthens and tones muscles throughout the entire body during an intense cardiac workout, yet it still minimizes joint stress like traditional ellipticals.

Here are the main features:

Dynamic motion

The reason why this equipment is so radically different from any other elliptical trainers on the market is it’s unique dynamic motion.

Typically an elliptical trainer is only able to operate one motion. This equipment, however, offers twelve different “dynamic” motions which can be varied between sixteen levels of intensity.

You can run the trainer as a standard elliptical or gain the added cardio-muscular benefits derived from placing the machine into “Agile” mode. In this mode the machine will work more muscle groups than most conventional exercise machines.

Movement variety

Repeating the same exercise movements repeatedly can curb your enthusiasm for regular exercise. This trainer provides the perfect cure for this problem by providing a huge variety of movement during your workout. There are 12 levels of motion and 16 levels of intensity providing both your brain and muscles with new challenges.

This variety of movements will ensure that both your brain and body will remain challenged no matter how frequently you use it. You will experience incremental increases in strength and endurance as your brain and body are constantly stimulated rather than being habituated through the same movements.

Articulating foot pedals

Using an elliptical trainer is a great way to work out but this experience has now been elevated to anew level with this trainer’s unique ergonomic pivoting foot pedals. The articulating foot pedals with shock-absorbing cushions reduce joint stress and eliminate the heel slap that has been shown to cause both toe numbness and sore arches.

Workout programs

Keeping motivated when using any kind of fitness equipment is critical if you want to achieve your fitness goals. A key element is the requirement for a variety of in-built programs. This trainer is a clear winner here with 12 distinct patterns of motion combined with 16 different levels of intensity.

Personalized workouts

By using the Manual Program you are able to create your own personalized workout. There are three core “target programs” to choose from.

The “Time” program allows you to choose a preset time interval or key in your own. Using the Lite Touch thumb sensors you can then vary the intensity and motion pattern of your workout.

The “Distance” program allows you to select a preset distance or enter your own. Again by using the Lite Touch thumb sensors you are able modify the intensity and motion pattern of your workout.

The “Calories” program can be used to watch your calories or set goals based on calorie counts. The program is run by entering the number of calories you wish to burn and begin. Once again the Lite Touch thumb sensors can be used to adjust the intensity and motion pattern.

Interval training program

The interval training program lets you to get to your target heart rate and ramp up your cardiovascular endurance with higher intensity routines. The program toggles between high-intensity periods and cool-down periods. The intervals offer a good balance between cardio, fat burning and muscle toning. Each interval can be adjusted “on the fly”.

Endurance training

The endurance training program begins as a warm-up, and then gradually increases the intensity gradually to burn fat and calories and build stamina. The final level of intensity is followed by a cooling down period. There are 8 levels of intensity is adjustable. The “Agile” motions can be varied inside the program to obtain the optimum benefit.

Watts control

This program uses the “Watts Control”. The wattage level can be pre-selected or you can select your own. Resistance changes automatically during this routine, but can be adjusted if needed.

Fat burning

It is well known that exercising for longer periods of time at a reduced level of intensity encourages your body to burn more calories and fat. The preset levels are optimal for this routine, but may be customized to suit any fitness level.

Heart rate control

The Heart Rate Control program consists of a warm-up session, main program and a cool down session. The machine will calculate a preset maximum target heart rate based upon your sex, height, weight and age, or you can adjust it to whatever maximum target rate you desire.

When you run the program it will take you through a mild warm-up session, a powerful workout and a cool-down session for a complete cardio workout. All of the settings can be customized.

Thumb controls

Fiddling with the controls on any item of exercise equipment can cause a momentary lapse of concentration and “knock you off your stride”. With the “Lite Touch Thumb Controls” on this trainer you can instantly adjust intensity and motion levels without taking your ands off the handlebars. With a small thumb movement over an infrared sensor, the equipment can vary intensity and change from a standard elliptical to the other “Agile” modes.

Smooth Agile DMT-X1 Sensor

Warranty details

The Smooth Agile DMT-X1 is underpinned by a lifetime warranty on the frame and braking system together with a 5-year warranty on all other parts and electronics and 2 years labor.


  • Resistance Adjustment: Electromagnetic Brake System
  • Pedals: Self-Pivoting (Articulating)
  • Pedal with Shock Absorbing Cushion
  • 16 Levels of Intensity
  • 12 Distinct Patterns of Motion
  • Nine Preset Programs
  • Five Custom Courses
  • Hand Grip Pulse Sensors
  • Polar Wireless Heart Rate Sensor
  • Lite Touch Thumb Controls
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Max Pause Time: 3 minutes
  • Max Workout Time: 99 minutes


  • Dimensions: 74″L x 32″W x 63″H
  • Max User Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Frame Materials: 11-Gauge Powder-Coated Steel
  • Transport Wheels: YES
  • Floor Level Adjustment: YES
  • Color Configuration: Glossy Metallic Black, Red, Silver
  • Unit Weight: 223 lbs.
  • Power Supply: AC 110V


  • Frame (Lifetime)
  • Parts (5Yrs)
  • Labor (2 yrs)

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