Smooth 9.65TV Treadmill Review

The Smooth 9.65TV commercial grade treadmill with heart rate control and in-built flat screen TV.

        Smooth 9.65tv Treadmill   


Based upon the redoubtable 9.65LC model, the Smooth 9.65TV enjoys all the same benefits with the addition of a 10.5″ TV. It features a huge (21″ x 64″) tread belt, driven by a powerful 4.0 HP motor. A treadmill with such a large running area and so powerful a motor is unusual at this price and is comparable with much more expensive commercial machines.


The running deck is able to support users of up to 400 lbs in weight and the suspension is taken care of by the “Im-Pression” Shock Absorption cushioning system which is an exclusive technology that provides a soft landing for the front foot and a firm push-off for the rear foot.


This model provides its users with an astonishing variety of workout programs (55 in total). These in-built programs include heart rate control where the speed and incline are modulated in sympathy with the user’s heart rate and custom programs that can be modified according to the user’s liking and stored for later use.


Other features include controls for speed and incline built into the handrails which obviates the need to bend forward to the main controls on the console, and a sound system with iPOD / MP3 compatible interface and water bottle holders.


        smooth 9.65tv console   


Workout Programs


An essential requirement to maintain your motivation when using a treadmill is having a good selection of preset workout programs. This unit gives you an amazing total of 55 energetic and stimulating preset programs to choose from.


The programs comprise:



  • Manual Program – This is the basic program that allows you to quickly start the treadmill without having to consider what kind of workout you may want to do. You can alter the speed or incline to your liking at any time during the workout.

  • Goal Program – This program allows you to select either a Time, Distance, or Calorie goal. With the Time goal program, the computer gives you a choice of selecting a preset time or entering your own. The Distance program is similar to the time program, allowing you to select a preset distance or enter your own value. The Calorie program is ideal for someone looking to lose weight, and here the computer prompts you to enter the number of calories you would like to burn and commence the program.

  • Heart Rate Control Program – The computer calculates an optimum maximum target heart rate based on your sex, height, weight, and age. Once you commence the program, you are taken through a warm-up routine, the main workout, and finally a cooling-down phase.

  • Speed Programs – There are a total of 20 speed programs, each of which varies the speed of the treadmill throughout the programs.

  • Speed/Incline – There are a total of 30 speed/incline programs that vary both the speed and incline of the treadmill throughout the programs.


Drive Motor


This model has prodigious amounts of power thanks to a 4.0 HP continuous duty motor. The motor is the heart of a treadmill, and an underpowered unit can negatively impact performance. This is not the case with the motor powering this model, which is the most powerful motor we have seen fitted to a residential treadmill.


The power this motor is able to deliver means that it is able to offer the kind of performance demanded by the most vigorous runner or a heavier weight individual. The motor is not only extremely powerful but virtually silent in operation, so you can enjoy a smooth and quiet workout.


Tread Belt


A huge (21″ x 64″) tread belt provides the user with an enormous amount of “running real estate”. If you are a serious runner or someone with a larger frame, you will appreciate the advantages of this amount of running space. You will no longer have to worry about falling off the back of the treadmill or wandering into the sides with this amount of space available to you.


Handrail Mounted Switches


Control switches for regulating both the speed and incline of the treadmill are conveniently mounted on the handrails. This location makes them readily accessible during use.


You can speed up, slow down, or adjust the elevation of the running deck without having to press the buttons on the control panel. Having these secondary control switches is much more convenient and safer as you don’t have to lean forward to access the main control panel.


Heart Rate Control


A Heart Rate Control feature is provided complete with a wireless chest strap. When this feature is enabled, the pulse reading is taken from the hand grip pulse monitors or the wireless chest strap and is used by the unit’s computer to automatically adjust the intensity of the workout.


This dynamic feedback loop provided by the heart rate control feature ensures that you are exercising in your target heart zone. This method of training is popular with athletes as it allows them to derive the greatest benefit from their workout.


Shock Absorption


The “Im-Pression” shock absorption cushioning system used on this model is an exclusive technology that provides a soft landing for the front foot and a firm push-off for the rear foot. The net effect of this is to reduce the harmful impact on the joints and back.


10.5″ LCD TV


The standout feature of this model is the inclusion of a 10.5-inch LCD TV. You can catch up with your favorite soap or watch the news or sports channels. Set into the treadmill’s console, the TV screen is positioned so as to be easy to watch while running. The LCD television includes high-fidelity built-in speakers.


Sound System


In order to keep you entertained, this model comes with a built-in sound system. Integrated into the console, this sound system allows you to plug your iPOD or MP3 Player into the auxiliary input jack and listen to your music collection through the sound system. The iPOD can rest in the accessory tray so that it is within easy reach.


User Weight


The running deck fitted to this model has been designed to be durable and to complement the shock absorption system. It is able to support users up to 400 lbs in weight and is underwritten by a lifetime warranty cover.


Warranty Details


The Smooth 9.65TV treadmill is backed by a lifetime warranty on the frame, motor, and all other parts (including electronics). Additionally, there is 2 years in-home labor.





  • 10.5″ LCD TV

  • SmoothDrive Treadmill Motor

  • 55 Workout Programs

  • Im-Pression Shock Absorption Cushioning System

  • QuickChange Handrail Speed and Incline Controls

  • LED Computer Display

  • Wireless Heart-Rate Control with Belt & Transmitter

  • SmoothSound Audio System

  • iPOD Docking Station

  • Water Bottle Holder

  • Safety Key and Lanyard

  • Transport Wheels





  • Motor: 4.0 HP Continuous Duty

  • Speed: 0.5 – 12 MPH

  • Incline: 15 levels

  • Belt size: 21″ x 64″

  • Roller size: 3″

  • User Weight: 400 lb

  • Folding: No

  • Warranty:


    • Frame and Motor – Lifetime

    • All Parts (including electronics) – Lifetime

    • In-Home Labor – 2 yrs


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