Smooth 9.25X Treadmill Review

The Smooth 9.25X Treadmill with friction free, electrostatic deck, heart rate control and automatic shut off.
smooth 9.25x treadmill

With the same great fitness features as the 9.25 HR, but the Smooth 9.25 X treadmill also includes lifetime warranty, Smooth speaker system, 4-ply long life belt and double roller bearings.

Built on a welded steel frame it also comes with an upgraded twin dot-matrix computer offering separate speed and incline fitness workout profiles. It’s driven by a huge motor and is the next leap in spec in the range with enough power for the most fanatical fitness enthusiast.

This is a monster of an treadmill at a very moderate price.

The 3.0 HP continuous duty motor should provide years of maintenance free service with a high horsepower output for all types of fitness users, delivering strong performance without overheating. The PWM Circuit Board (Pulse Width Modulation) is silent in operation with little electrical “hum.” The circuit gives a very quiet yet powerful motor operation.

The extra long 62″x 20″ tread belt, with 6″ straddle pads is ideal for interval fitness training and tall individuals.

The premium shock absorption performance is soft, yet stable when your foot strikes the deck. Rubber isolators cushion the impact and transmit absorption throughout the length of the deck. This eliminates side to side motion that is harmful to joints, knees and ankles.

The deck elevation mechanism is via worm gear providing smooth operation throughout entire range of motion.

The belt comprises a 4-Ply, 100% polyester low friction sole backing with black PVC non-slip beam top. The Whisper weave 20 degree seamless diagonally fused belt is pre-lubricated with silicon. The whole results in a long life belt that is whisper quiet during fitness training.

Built into the console is a deluxe, dot matrix, display that shows the speed, distance, time, pace, calories burned, heart rate, and 1/4-mile running track. Also mounted in the console is the Smooth speaker system provides audio output and has the speakers attractively molded into the console.

The Heart Rate Control (HRC) feature will monitor your heart rate, and adjust your workout to keep you in your target heart rate zone. A wireless belt transmitter is provided so that the HRC device can monitor your heart rate and adjust the treadmill without the need for any trailing wires.

The “Heart Rate Zone” indicator displays the users current heart rate zone at a glance for warm-up, fat burning, aerobic or athletic conditions.


4 pre-set / 8 custom / 2 user programs

Low Impact Running Surface

Torsion Springs

Automatic Shutoff

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Control

Push Button Electronics

Friction Free Deck

Convenient Speed / Incline Controls

One touch EKG readout

Smooth Speaker System

Scratch Resistant Powder Coat Finish

Built in safety features

Dual Motor Fans

Motor: 3.0 HP Continuous duty

Speed: 0 – 10 mph

Incline: 0 – 15%

Belt size: 20″ x 62″

Weight: 304 lbs

Footprint: 37″ x 85″

Frame: Steel

Folding: No

Heart Monitor: YES

User Weight: 400 lbs

Warranty: Frame (Lifetime)

               Motor (10yrs)

               Belt/Deck (5yrs)

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