ProForm 780 CS Treadmill Review

ProForm 780 CS Treadmill with personal trainer workouts and incorporating iFIT workout card technology.

Powered by a 2.25 HP Mach Z commercial motor and featuring “iFIT Workout Card” technology we have the ProForm 780 CS Treadmill.

A slot on the console allows any iFIT workout card to be inserted, the program will then take control of the treadmill and run through a complete custom workout.

Additionally the equipment has 15 built-in iFIT workout programs. Designed by a certified personal trainer, each of these 15 iFIT workouts automatically adjust the speed of your treadmill, while specifically focusing on an aerobic, weight loss or performance goals.

The treadmill is underwritten by a lifetime frame and 25 yrs motor warranty together with a 1 yrs parts and labor warranty.

Here are the main features:

Drive motor

A 2.25 CHP commercial grade motor is used to provide motive power. This has more power than a regular drive system and the commercial grade Mach Z Motor lets you exercise for long periods of time while maintaining smooth, consistent operation.

iFIT workout cards

The equipment is fitted with iFIT Workout Card technology. Each card is designed by a certified personal trainer and plugs directly into the treadmill’s console, automatically adjusting your speed and incline, while the voice of a personal trainer takes you through each workout. You can lose weight, feel great and improve performance with iFIT interactive workout card technology.

Speed adjustment

Regulating your speed is easily achieved with the precision “QuickSpeed” control. This feature allows to jump to any speed with one touch at any time during your workout. You can decrease your speed immediately when you need a rest, or increase it instantly for a challenging workout.

Incline adjustment

The treadmill also benefits from a “Quick Incline” control . This feature allows you to electronically change the degree of slope up or down throughout your workout from the control panel. You can simulate running uphill and add both challenge and variety to your exercise session.

Resident fitness coach

This model has 15 personal trainer workouts which automatically adjust the speed of the treadmill. Each workout focuses on an aerobic, weight-loss or performance goal.

There is a variety of aerobic, weight-loss or performance workouts from which to choose depending upon which area of fitness that you wish to focus on.. The length and speed of each workout is pre-determined so all that you have to do is press the start button.

Back lit display

The console on the ProForm 780 CS houses the brand-new backlit “Grafixx” high-resolution, graphical display that animates your screen giving you a more accurate and easier to read representation of your workout data.

Heart rate monitor

A dual-grip EKG heart rate monitor helps keep a check on your pulse. The built-in precision sensors allow you to quickly and accurately monitor your heart rate. Just grip the built-in sensors to quickly and accurately monitor your heart rate, stay within your optimum training zone and burn more fat.

Cushioning system

The “ProTech 3” adjustable cushioning system employed on this model has been designed to reduce the impact on your joints while running. With this superior absorption system, you can enjoy the perfect combination of comfort and joint protection.

Workout cooling fan

An “AutoBreeze” fan is provided to enable you to remain cool and comfortable during your workout. This console mounted fan is very quiet in operation and automatically changes airflow to match your workout speed. But, if you prefer a definite setting, just select low, medium or high.

iPOD connection

A universal iPOD dock is mounted on the control console. This allows you to enjoy your workout while you play your favorite music through the built-in “Interplay” sound system.

User weight

When choosing a treadmill you should always ensure that the manufacturers quoted maximum weight limit is not exceeded by any intended user. The user weight limit of this treadmill is 325 lb.

Space saver design

This treadmill benefits from “space saver” technology. This facility allows you to fold the treadmill into an upright position after your workout where it will then occupy a lot smaller floor area.

Warranty details

The ProForm 780 CS treadmill is underwritten by a lifetime warranty on the frame, 25 yrs on the motor and 1 yrs parts and labor warranty.


  • Mach Z Commercial Motor
  • 15 Personal Trainer Workouts
  • iFIT Workout Card Technology
  • ProSoft 3 Adjustable Cushioning
  • QuickSpeed Control
  • Quick Incline
  • EKG Heart Rate Monitor
  • Quiet Tread belt
  • Grafixx Display
  • AutoBreeze Workout Fan
  • Universal  iPOD Dock


  • Motor: 2.25 HP
  • Speed: 0 – 10 MPH
  • Incline : 0 – 12 %
  • User Weight: 325 lbs
  • Tread belt: 20″ x 55″
  • Folding: YES
  • Warranty: Motor (25 yrs)
  • Parts & Labor (1yr)

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