NordicTrack X5i Incline Trainer Review

The NordicTrack X5i Incline Trainer with Reflex cushioing and random trail generator.

Nordic Track X5 Incline Trainer


With a wide range of inclines from -3 to 40 deg. the NordicTrack X5i incline trainer will work all the muscles in your legs, especially those used in hiking and climbing activities. Complete with 9 built-in climbing workouts, and iFIT capability this is a fully featured incline trainer.

This model is powered by a 2.25 HP DurX drive motor with which it is able to sustain speeds of up to 10 MPH even at high inclines.

The 0-10 MPH “1- Touch” speed control ensures that at the touch of a button, the trainer speeds up or slows down to the pace you’re looking for so you can focus on your fitness workout.

The 3% to 40% “1-Touch” power incline can take you instantly to slopes of up to 40% and, unusually down to -3%. With the power incline, you can start out flat and simulate a climb as you warm up without interrupting your fitness workout.

To help protect your joints from harmful impact, this model features DuraSoft Cushioning. It combines a super-soft foam deck with impact isolators that support the deck above the frame.

There are a total of 9 built-in climbing workouts, but the number of workouts can be extended by the use of the Random Trail Generator that assembles new workouts from the existing ones.

This trainer is iFIT compatible which means that it can be connected to the internet allowing you to add interest and functionality to your workout. It should be noted, however, that this requires an internet connection, and the iFIT module and membership to iFIT which is sold separately.

The motor and frame are covered by a lifetime warranty with 1 year cover of parts and 1 year labor.

Here are the main features:
… drive motor

A DurX 2.25 HP motor is used to power the trainer. This design of motor employs an axial fan that reduces noise as it cools internal components enhancing your workout environment and extending the motor’s life. You are able to exercise for longer periods of time, while maintaining a smooth, consistent operation.
… cushioned workout

The this incline trainer lets you enjoy your workout for longer by using “Reflex” cushioning technology to reduce the impact induced jarring your body would otherwise sustain.

This Reflex cushion technology utilizes a deck, made of a composite construction. This material is very durable and yet is able to absorb the constant impact that a user will subject it to.

The deck can be compared to a snow board in terms of both it’s strength and flexibility. In use the deck is responsive to the user’s movement. It absorbs the impact at the heel and also maintains stability at the toe off.

The Reflex cushioning system employed on the trainer has been designed to reduce the impact on your ankles, knees and spine and to protect the important connective tissues within your ankles, knees and hip joints.
… workout programs

This model has 9 pre-programmed incline trainer workouts.

These workout programs automatically adjust the speed and incline of the tread climber to drive you towards your fitness goals.

The user can choose between aerobic, weight-loss or performance workouts. The time, speed and incline of each workout are already pre-set just leaving the user with the task of choosing their workout.
… calorie goal workouts

This model incorporates 9 workouts that will be useful for anyone who is counting their calories. The idea behind these workouts is that the user is able to select the calorie goal they want to achieve during their workout. When the workout is started the X5i’s computer adjusts the speed, incline and workout duration.
… random trail generator

This interesting function helps the user to maintain their motivation by varying their workout experience. Essentially the Random Trail Generator uses the machine’s computer to select parts from the 9 in-built workouts and then reassemble them to create fresh workouts. By presenting the user with new challenges their motivation is maintained.
… iFIT compatible

This model is iFIT capable. In essence this is a wireless internet connection to the treadmill, but there is a lot more to this technology than that. iFIT adds extra functionality, entertains and engages your interest by opening up a whole new set of workout experiences.

Using the data provided by Google Maps, and the iFIT technology the user is able to experience the sensation of running any trail from anywhere in the world.

iFIT also gives you the opportunity to train with fitness coach Jillian Michaels. If you are trying to burn calories and lose weight Jillian’s voice will spur you on, offering encouragement every step of the way!

A further benefit of iFIT is that new workouts are automatically downloaded to the incline trainer. These workouts take control of the machine, automatically adjusting the speed and incline to provide new challenges to keep you motivated.

Other features include the ability to track your nutrition and other activities, train for a race, lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle with the online food and activity log available at You can even race against other iFIT members from around the world!

It should be noted, however, that this feature requires the user to have a wireless internet connection, the iFIT module and membership to iFIT that is available as an optional extra.



Nordic Track X5i Console

… heart rate monitor

The trainer is equipped with a dual grip “CardioGrip” heart rate monitor. This helps you to make the most out of every workout by monitoring your heart rate via sensors that are built into the handlebars.

Monitoring your heart rate ensures that you’re always in the right training zone for your goals. You can get a more effective workout, burn more fat, and improve your cardiovascular health.
… graphical display

A “Graffix” display is used to provide feedback on your workout. The screen uses a high resolution, graphical display that tracks your speed, the elapsed time, the distance you have walked or run, number of calories burned and heart rate.

The console also includes a 7×30 scrolling Cross Trainer display that shows your workout graphically and prompts you when it’s time to perform cross-training exercises.

… speed control

A “1-Touch” control is used to control speed. Instead of tediously scrolling through options, the 1-Touch system allows you to instantly change the speed of the trainer between 0-10 MPH with the single touch of a button. You can decrease your speed immediately when you need a rest, or increase it instantly for a challenging workout.
… incline control

The “1-Touch” control technology is used in order to change the incline with the single touch of a button instead of tediously scrolling through options as you would with traditional incline controls. The incline can be adjusted between the values of -3 deg. up to 40 deg. of grade.
... workout cooling fan

A 4 inch “CoolAire” workout fan mounted in the console directs a stream of air towards your your face and upper body. Just hit a button and you have a choice of low or high-speed fans to help keep you cool even during your most vigorous workout.
… iPOD connection

An “Interplay” music port is mounted in the console. This gives you the facility to plug in your iPOD or any other MP3 player and play your favorite music through the built-in Interplay sound system.

You merely plug your iPOD into the music port and then rest it upon the console shelf where the controls fall conveniently to hand.
… warranty details

The NordicTrack X5i incline trainer is covered by a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame, with 1 year of parts and 1 year labor.

2.25 HP DurX Commercial Motor

Reflex Cushioning

9 Built-in Training Workouts

9 Built-in Calorie Goal Workouts

iFIT Capability

Graffix Display

Random Trail Generator

One Touch Incline

One Touch Speed

Precision Rollers

Dual Grip Heart Rate Monitor

Scrolling Cross Trainer Display  

iPOD Compatible Music Port

Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Sound

CoolAire Workout Fan

Motor: 2.25 HP

Tread Belt: 20” x 55”

Rollers: 2.5”

Speed: 0 to 10 MPH

Incline: 0 to 40%

Decline: 0 to – 3%

User weight: 300 lbs

Dimensions: 69.1″ L X 59.7″ W X 36.8″ H

Warranty: Motor and Frame (Lifetime)

               Parts (1yr)   

               Labor (1 yr)  


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