LifeSpan TR1200-DT Treadmill Desk Review

The LifeSpan TR1200-DT Treadmill Desk reviewed by Treadmill Adviser
LifeSpan TR1200-DT treadmill desk

The concept of gently walking while carrying out office type work is relatively new, but the obvious health benefits of this novel idea has attracted many converts. In order to meet this burgeoning market we have the LifeSpan TR1200-DT Treadmill Desk.

This particular treadmill workstation is based upon the TR1200i treadmill which is acclaimed for the quality of it’s construction and with which this treadmill desk shares many of it’s mechanical components.

The spacious desktop measures 47.5″ wide and 31″ deep and is of a heavy duty construction to enable it to support office items such as a laptop computer, printer, computer display etc. The operating console is very slim and neat and has been designed so as not to encroach upon the working space of the desktop.

The desktop on the equipment has padded arm rests situated along the leading edge to allow the user’s arms to rest in comfort and minimize the risk of fatigue. A cable tray tucked under the desk allows for all the associated cabling to be kept neat and tidy.

The display panel shows distance traveled, calories burned, time spent walking and a count of the number of steps taken. A safety feature known as “Intelli-Guard” automatically pauses the treadmill belt when the user steps off in order to minimize the risk of injury.

The product is underwritten by a long and comprehensive warranty that consists of a lifetime warranty on the frame, with 3 yrs cover on the motor and 1 year labor warranty.

Here are the main features:

Solid, spacious, desk

The main reason for anyone wanting to use a treadmill desk is being able to carry out useful work at a spacious, solid desk while enjoying the obvious health benefits of a steady walk.

The equipment provides an ergonomic and stable work platform with a solid desk top that slightly curves at the front edge so that the user is at the center of their work area.

The desk is made from a solid, 1″ thick composite board with a durable laminate surface mounted on a rigid steel frame. The desk area is large enough to hold all the user’s electronic devices and still have ample room for a drink and notepad.

The front edge of the desk have rounded corners that not only compliment the overall design of the desk area but also present a safer leading edge to the user.

LifeSpan TR1200-DT tteadmill desk top

Walking surface

The equipment benefits from a large (20″ x 56″), 2 ply tread belt which provides a spacious walking area.

The belt is cushioned by a system of 6 impact absorbing, compression shocks. This arrangement allows for a comfortable walking platform allowing the user to focus on their work without distraction.

Heavy duty deck

An often underestimated component of an exercise treadmill is the deck. The design and quality of material the deck is made from can radically alter the user’s experience on a treadmill.

The equipment has a 3/4″ phenolic walking deck with a brace making it strong and durable. It is able to accommodate users up to 300 lbs in weight.

Adjustable desktop

The makers state that the treadmill desk will accommodate users from 4’10” to 6’8″ tall.

The desktop frame has been designed so that it stands alone and is unattached from the main body of the treadmill.

This design feature ensures that any movement of the treadmill remains isolated and is not transferred to the desktop. Even at the highest setting the work table will remain stable.

LifeSpan TR1200-DT treadmill desk profile

Built-in armrests

Resting your arms on the front edge of a desk can often lead to discomfort. The treadmill desk addresses this problem with foam injected armrests mounted on the leading edge of the desk. These armrests provide comfort and support to help avoid wrist fatigue in long work sessions.

Cable tidy

Computers and other electronic devices that inhabit most people’s desks are also accompanied by the obligatory connecting cables that often take on a life of their own and try to tangle theme selves into knots given half a chance!

The treadmill desk allows the user to maintain a clutter free desk and keep cables out of the way. All monitor, phone and computer power cords can be safely stowed and protected.

Control console

The equipment has a slim control console mounted on the the edge of the desk. The design and location of the console allows for easy access of the controls and viewing of information without intruding into the main desk, work space area.

The information displayed includes: distance traveled, calories burned, time walking on the treadmill desk and the Intelli-Step feature works like a pedometer and counts steps taken while you’re working.

LifeSpan TR1200-DT treadmill desk console

Step counter

Many people are interested to know how many steps they take while exercising. The treadmill desk incorporates the Intelli-Step feature which acts like a pedometer and counts your steps while you walk and displays the count on the display panel.


The treadmill desk has an innovative feature called “Intelli-guard”. This feature will automatically pause the treadmill belt when the user steps of in order to reduce the risk of injury.

Warranty details

The LifeSpan TR1200-DT is underwritten by LifeSpan’s residential warranty which offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, with 3 years on parts and 1 year labor warranty.


  • Continuous Duty High Torque Motor
  • 6 Compression Shocks Suspension
  • Phenolic Deck with Brace
  • Non-Slip Plastic Side Rails
  • Desk Top Height Adjustment
  • Large Walking Surface
  • Easy Access Console
  • Foam Injected Armrests
  • Cable Management System
  • Heavy Duty Workspace
  • Intelli-Step (step counting)
  • IntelliGuard (safety feature)


  • Motor: 2.25 CHP
  • Belt size: 20” x 56”
  • Speed: 0.4 – 4 MPH
  • Dimensions: 74″ L x 47″ W
  • User Weight: 300 lbs


  • Lifetime Frame
  • 3 yrs Motor
  • 3 yrs Parts
  • 1 year Labor

LifeSpan Fitness TR1200 Portable Walking Under Desk Treadmill 350lb Capacity, 2.25HP Quiet Motor, LED Console, Non-Bluetooth, for Home or Office Standing Desk Workout

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