Landice L870 LTD ProTrainer Treadmill Review

Landice L870 LTD Pro Trainer Treadmill reviewed by Treadmill Adviser
Landice L870 LTD Pro  Trainer

Typically used in settings where usage is less than five hours per day, the Landice L870 LTD Pro Trainer offers an economical solution to limited use applications without compromising fitness features or reliability.

Before starting the review it is worthwhile pausing to offer an explanation as to what the different model names in the Landice range mean.

We know from experience that this has caused some confusion amongst customers in the past so the following is an overview of the Landice range to enable you to decide which Landice Light Commercial or Full Commercial treadmill will meet your needs.

Landice Range – model differences

The only difference between a Pro Pro Trainer, Cardio Trainer and Executive Trainer is the display. The Pro Pro Trainer has a basic display, while the Executive has an “amazing” display.

The difference between the L7, L8 and L9 treadmills is the rollers and deck length. They get heavier and more durable as you go up, and the running surface gets longer.

The L7’s are available in the LTD (Light Commercial) and Club (Full Commercial) versions.

The L8’s are available in the LTD (Light Commercial) version only.

The L9’s are available in the Club (Full Commercial) version only.

The treadmill offers built in programs and user programs. Users are guided through their fitness workout with a unique program progress indicator.

Landice L870 LTD Sport Trainer

Driving the tread belt is a powerful motor – Landice use a 4 horsepower continuous-duty drive motor. Made in the USA, this motor can continuously deliver 4 HP without overheating.

Landice L870 LTD Pro Trainer

Wearing the safety lanyard with magnetic key switch provides added security should you need to stop quickly.

Landice L870 LTD Pro Trainer

The Shock Absorption System Landice Treadmills feature is the Softer than Grass VFX shock absorption system.

Landice L870 LTD Pro Trainer

Landice use a high-inertia cast flywheel which not only provides for a smooth feel, it also protects the motor and electronics from damaging foot-plant spikes that reduce life.

Landice L870 LTD Pro Trainer

The Landice L870 LTD Pro Trainer uses large diameter rollers which require less tension than smaller rollers since they have more surface area to grab the belt.

Landice L870 LTD Pro Trainer


VFX shock absorption system

1″ Thick reversible deck

22″ x 63″ four-ply tread belt

3.5 ” Diameter, 22 lb steel rollers

Rust free aluminum frame

Reading rack

Motor: 4 HP

Size: 32″ x 82″

Weight: 415 lbs

Speed: 0.5 – 11 MPH

Belt: 22″ x 63″

Incline: 0 – 15%

120 VAC electrical requirements

User Weight: 500 lbs

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