Fuel FT94 Treadmill Review

Review of the budget Fuel FT94 treadmill by Treadmill Adviser.

Powered by a 2.25 HP continuous duty motor the Fuel FT94 Treadmill has a separate “add on” motor that powers the elevation mechanism for the deck incline.

The console has built in speakers and a system that allows for the connection of an MP3 player so that you can enjoy your favorite music during your workout.

This treadmill has 5 built-in pre-set workout programs enabling you to focus on aerobic, weight loss or performance goals.

The treadmill is underwritten by a lifetime warranty on both the frame and motor together with a 1 yrs parts and 1 yrs labor warranty.

Lets examine the main features:

… drive motor

The treadmill utilizes a powerful High output 2.25 HP Continuous Duty motor which powers the tread belt at speeds from 0.8 up to 10 mph for running or walking.

… one touch controls

There are 10 “one touch” buttons that control both the speed and incline of this treadmill. This feature allows to jump to any speed with one touch at any time during your workout. You can decrease your speed immediately when you need a rest, or increase it instantly for a challenging workout.

… incline adjustment

The powered incline has 10 different levels of adjustment from 1 through to 10. A series of 10 “one touch” control buttons allows you to electronically change the degree of slope up or down throughout your workout from the control panel. You can simulate running uphill and add variety to your exercise session.

… back lit display

The console on the treadmill houses a vibrant blue back lit display screen that is easy to read and gives you an accurate representation of your workout data.

… heart rate monitor

The treadmill is equipped with a Dual-Grip Heart Rate Monitor. The built-in precision sensors allow you to quickly and accurately monitor your heart rate. Just grip the built-in sensors to quickly and accurately monitor your heart rate. This allows you to stay within your optimum training zone and help you to burn more fat.

… user weight limit

When choosing a treadmill you should always ensure that the manufacturers quoted maximum weight limit is not exceeded by any intended user. The user weight limit of this treadmill is 270 lbs – any intended user should not exceed this weight limit.

… shock absorption

Walking and running are the most natural and enjoyable forms of exercising that you can engage in but the continual pounding can take a toll on your joints. Running on some treadmills can feel like running on concrete.

The running deck on this treadmill is well cushioned so as to absorb shock and maintain a high level of comfort when running.

… MP3 connection

This model features console mounted speakers with an an associated input for your MP3 player. Simply plug in, press play and listen to your favorite music during your workout session.

folding frame

The Fuel F94 is a “space saver” or folding treadmill. This means that when you have finished your workout the running deck can be raised into an upright position so that he treadmill then occupies a much smaller floor area. The folding mechanism is fitted with “shock assist” to make lifting the running deck relatively easy.


  • High Output Continuous Duty Motor
  • 5 Pre-set Workout Programs
  • Power (Motorized) Incline
  • Deck Shock Absorption
  • “One Touch” Speed Adjustment
  • “One Touch” Incline Adjustment
  • Vibrant Blue Display Screen
  • Hand Grip Pulse Monitors
  • Built in Speakers
  • MP3 Plugin Capability
  • Space Saver (Folding)
  • Shock Assisted Folding Mechanism
  • Magazine / Book Ledge
  • Water Bottle Holders


  • Motor: 2.25 HP Continuous Duty
  • Speed: .8 to 10 MPH
  • Incline : 1 to 10
  • User Weight: 270lbs
  • Tread belt: 55″ x 20″
  • Folding: YES
  • Size: 33″ W X 75″ L
  • Warranty: Frame and Motor (Lifetime) All other parts (1year)
  • In Home Service (1 year)

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