Commercial Treadmills

Commercial treadmills are designed for gyms, health clubs and any environment where durability and reliability of operation are key factors.

Designed for use in Health Clubs, heavy traffic Gyms, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Apartment / Condo Associations, Private / Government institutions, and all types of business-run fitness centers. Commercial treadmills have a broad appeal to all ages and fitness levels and are the top-used equipment in health clubs.

Any fitness equipment used in these locations needs to be durable, reliable, comfortable, stable, easy to use and feature plenty of options from programmable control panels and workouts to varying incline levels.

Here is a list of essential items you should check when selecting a treadmill for use in your business-run Gym or Health club:

DC Motor

The treadmill motor should have a Continuous Duty rating only. Continuous Duty means the motor is more durable and will perform steady and continuous. A Continuous Duty rated motor in your treadmill will give you a more quality performance and longer life.

Treadmill duty and peak performance ratings are two other rating systems that should be avoided at all costs. DC Motor warranties should be 2 years or longer.

Deck / Belts

The Treadmill deck should be designed and manufactured to require very little maintenance. The noise generated from the belt moving along the deck should be minimal.

Some deck/belt combinations required a lubricant to help reduce friction.Remember, high-quality decks/belts require very little lube.

Deck/Belt warranties should be 2 years or longer.

Operating / Control System

The Treadmill control panel should be easy to read and use. Always check for an emergency stop button and/or shut off that can attach to your body or clothing.

A good quality Treadmill will start slowly and stop slowly (sudden starts and stops are another sign of a cheap Treadmill). There are a host of programs and options available on today’s models.

It’s very important to choose the machine that has features of interest to you and your fitness business clients.

Computer / Electronics

Warranties should be 2 years or longer.


The Treadmill rollers are another important item to consider. Basically speaking, the larger the better because the larger roller creates a greater surface for the belt to make contact which in turn means less belt tension.

This also means that the roller turns less, therefore, the roller bearings heat up less. Remember larger rollers mean less tension, less heat, and longer life (generally 2″ in diameter and up).

Roller warranties should be 2 years or longer.


The Treadmill frame should be constructed of high alloy steel or aluminum/aircraft aluminum. Any materials less than that would not be appropriate for a Treadmill frame.

Steel is heavier and more sturdy than aluminum. Welded frames will hold up far better than bolts or glue. Frame warranties should be Lifetime.

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