Star Trac Treadmill Reviews

Recognized in commercial fitness gyms across the world, you’d expect Star Trac exercise treadmills to reside at the pinnacle of the consumer fitness equipment marketplace too. And if price is commensurate of quality then they must be one of the best because they’re certainly one of the most expensive.

These are the models that we have reviewed:

Star Trac Sport

Star Trac TR4500

Star Trac Pro S

Star Trac Pro
Introducing their first commercial exercise treadmill back in 1974, Star Trac has grown into one of the most recognized brands in the fitness equipment industry. According to their sales literature more than 2 million people in over 65 countries use their exercise equipment every day in fitness facilities and at home.

Their exercise treadmills are undoubtedly well built. They are renowned for their reliability and low maintenance. The problem is they don’t really make treadmills for home use. In fact only one exercise treadmill in their product range of six is aimed at the home user.

Of course if you can afford to buy a commercial grade machine for home exercise it doesn’t’t pose a problem, but for the vast majority of people it puts their products out of their reach.

Rather than having a set warranty with each particular treadmill, they provide cover based on the amount and type of usage. For example, if you buy a exercise treadmill for home use you are covered for three years on parts. If you buy the same machine but for heavy commercial use you are covered for only two years.

Two years protection is normal for a commercial environment but offering just one extra year for home use seems a bit cautious. If you buy a Star Trac exercise treadmill for the home you can reasonably expect the motor to last longer than three years.

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