Reebok Treadmill Reviews

These are popular with fitness enthusiasts mainly because of the brand name -Reebok. It’s one that’s associated in the exercise equipment industry with quality, distinction and to a certain extent, status.

If you’ve never heard of fitness brands like Image, Bodyguard and Precor why take a chance when you can buy a well established fitness brand like Reebok.

But surprisingly Reebok treadmills are not actually made by Reebok but by Icon Health and Fitness who are the largest makers of exercise equipment in the world.

Reebok have thus been able to capitalize on their huge brand name but without having to direct their resources into producing treadmills themselves.

These are some of their exercise treadmills that we have reviewed:

Reebok 8000 C

Reebok 8400 C

Reebok 9500 ES

Reebok R 5.80

Reebok V 8.90

Reebok Vista

Reebok Vista 8500
Don’t confuse the Reebok exercise treadmills you see in a commercial gym with those sold for home use. They are entirely different machines built by different companies.

Some of fitness equipment giant Icon’s other brands of exercise treadmill like Proform and Weslo are notorious for their short warranties. However the warranties for parts and labor on Reebok are fairly good.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to compare the costs and features of all the different brands, then Reebok are worth a look. You can rest easy knowing the company will be around five years from now should your treadmill need a service.

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