Spirit Z100 Treadmill

This space saver (folding) treadmill has a 20" x 55" running surface. The Spirit Z100 treadmill is driven by a 3.0 HP continuous duty motor capable of driving the belt at speeds of up to 12 MPH and inclines of up to 15 deg. of grade.

This model has six pre-programmed workouts and two user defined programs. The user defined programs allow the user to customize elements of the program to their liking. Additionally there are two heart rate control programs which modulate the intensity of the workout to keep the users heart rate within their target zone.

The console has a six window red dot matrix display that tracks all relevant workout data including 6 displays windows to track time, speed, distance, incline, calories, laps, pace, and heart rate. Additionally there is a ¼ mile track to assist in motivation and progress through the workout.

There are twelve "quickspeed" buttons on the console that enable the user to jump to one of a number of set speeds instead of adjusting the speed incrementally. There are another set of buttons on the console that perform a similar function for the incline settings. Ten convenient "one touch" program keys are also supplied.

The side handles also have ergonomically positioned buttons that allow the speed and incline to be adjusted without having to lean forward to press the buttons on the console.

This model is equipped with a heart rate monitoring function which is initiated by placing your hands on the sensors mounted in the handlebars that extend from the console. Additionally there is a chest belt supplied so that your heart rate can be monitored by telemetry.

The console also has twin workout cooling fans to help the user keep cool during their workout session. The console also has inbuilt speakers with an associated CD / MP3 interface.

The folding deck on the Spirit Z100 is equipped with four transport wheels so that the treadmill can be moved to a storage location after use.


Large and comfortable running area

Fold-up design

Hand Grip Heart Rate

Telemetric Heart Rate Belt

6 window display

Red color dot matrix

¼ mile track

6 Standard programs

2 user defined programs

2 Heart Rate control programs

12 Quick speed and Elevation buttons

10 Convenient “One Touch” program keys

CD/MP 3 interface

Speed and Elevation controls on the handles



Motor: 2.5 HP 

Speed: 0.5 - 12 MPH

Incline: 0-15 %  

Belt size: 20” x 55”

Folding: YES

Heart Rate Monitor: YES  

Heart Rate Control: YES  

Roller size: 2.75"  

User weight: 325 lbs

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