ProForm Performance 600c
Treadmill Review

The ProForm Performance 600c treadmill is an entry level model which nonetheless bristles with innovative features that combine leading edge technology with performance enhancing workout programs.

There are 22 workouts which comprise of six speed workouts, five incline workouts, five intensity workouts, and six calorie workouts. A "Workout Intensity" bar on the display allows you to see graphically how much effort you are putting in to the workout.

This model is iFIT compatible. The benefits of the iFIT technology include being able to download personalized workouts, track your results online, and race against other iFIT users. This feature requires the iFIT module and subscription to available as an optional extra.

Your entertainment needs are catered for with a built in sound system. A compatible music port allows you to plug in an iPOD or MP3 player and with your player resting on the console shelf you are able to enjoy the rich, equalized sound from the Intermix Acoustics music system.

The product comes with a Lifetime warranty on the frame and motor with 2 yrs parts and 1 yr labor warranty.

Here are the main features:

... workout

In order to stay motivated and achieve your maximum potential while using your treadmill it's important to have a variety of built-in workout programs. This treadmill scores here with a total of 22 built-in workouts.

The 22 built-in fitness workout programs are split into functional groups consisting of: six speed workouts, five incline workouts, five intensity workouts, and six calorie workouts.

Each workout automatically controls the speed and incline of the treadmill as it guides you through an effective exercise session.

… one touch controls

Single touch "QuickSpeed" controls regulate the speed. This allows the user to easily jump to any speed between the values 0 - 12 MPH with one touch of a button throughout the workout.

Single touch buttons are also used to adjust the incline of the running deck. The user is able to change the degree of slope up or down between the values 0 -12 deg. from the control panel.

... back lit display

The control screen on the treadmill features a 6" back lit display. This display tracks your speed, time, distance and calories burned enabling you to monitor the progress of your workout.

Additionally there is a built-in running track display that shows your progress in a track-style format.

A "Workout Intensity Bar" on the display allows you to monitor the approximate intensity level of your current workout via graphical segmented bar on the display.

... workout cooling fan

A "CoolAire" workout fan is built into the control console. It has adjustable settings so that you can regulate the air stream to your preference. This console mounted fan will help you to stay cool and comfortable during your workout.

… cushioning system

Walking and running are the most natural and enjoyable forms of exercising that you can engage in but the continual pounding can take a toll on your joints. In fact running on some treadmills can feel like running on concrete.

This model utilizes "ProShox" cushioning. The cushioning system compresses with each step and responds evenly to your stride and offers a truly comfortable workout.

… heart rate monitor

The equipment is equipped with a dual-grip EKG heart rate monitor. The built-in precision sensors allow you to quickly and accurately monitor your heart rate.

Simply grip the built-in sensors to quickly and accurately monitor your heart rate, stay within your optimum training zone and help burn more fat.

... iFIT compatible

This trainer is iFIT compatible. In essence this is a wireless connection between the Internet and the elliptical which adds extra functionality.

The iFIT feature enables you to customize your own fitness program, receive automatic workout downloads, and manage your profile online.

It should be noted that this feature requires a home wireless internet connection, the iFIT module, and a subscription to which is sold separately.

... iPOD connection

An iPOD compatible music port is provided. Enjoy your workout while you play your favorite music through the built-in Intermix Acoustics 2.0 sound system. Simply plug in, press play and listen to your favorite music while you exercise.

... space saver design

This treadmill has been designed with "space saver" technology. This facility allows you to fold the treadmill into an upright position after your workout where it will then occupy a lot smaller floor area.

… warranty details

The ProForm Performance 600 c treadmill is underwritten by a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor together with a 2 year parts and 1 year labor warranty.


  • Mach Z Commercial Motor
  • 22 Workout Apps
  • iFIT Compatible
  • ProShox Cushioning
  • Quick Speed Control
  • Quick Incline Control
  • Dual Grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor
  • 6" Backlit Display
  • Workout Intensity Display
  • CoolAire Workout Fan
  • Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Sound System
  • iPOD Compatible Music Port
  • Space Saver (Folding) Design
  • Easy Lift Assist


  • Motor: 2.75 CHP
  • Speed: 0 - 12 MPH
  • Incline: 0% - 12 %
  • Tread belt: 20" x 60 "
  • User Capacity: 325 lbs
  • Folding: YES
  • Warranty: Lifetime Motor and Frame

                         2 yrs Parts

                         1 yr Labor

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We're love the Performance 600C. Still getting use to it as we haven't used a treadmill for a long time.

It has everything you need for a great workout and more.

Hope to see a big change and it's good exercise.

Before buying the 600C, I read several reviews on some of the other PRO-FORM models. A few people told stories of the problems that they had assembling their units plus stories relating to missing or damaged pieces or problems with the units functions.

Regardless, I decided to go ahead and get the 600c. Yes, the unit is heavy when it is delivered (about 250 lbs.), but with the help of a four wheel dolly that we have, my wife and I got it into the house without any problems.

Assembly was not a problem, however, you must take your time thoroughly reading each step as you put it together. The only area where you really need to pay attention is at the point where you plug in the console to the power cable.

The power cable is a multi wire connector that could be damaged if a person was to force its connection. I played around with the plug a little and once it was properly aligned it easily snapped together.

Once assembled and all of the hardware was checked for tightness I plugged it in and checked all of the operating features.

Everything functioned perfectly. The unit is reasonably quiet when running which is a plus.

So far, this unit has either met or exceed my expectations and I have no regrets about buying the PRO-FORM 600C.

I am extremely pleased with the treadmill. I love the way the treadmill sounds (very quiet) and soft running.

This treadmill has been ideal for home use...very stable & quiet.

We have been using it for almost 2 months and haven't had a single issue.

The built-in speaker system was an unexpected pleasant surprise.