Landice L970 Club Cardio Trainer
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Landice L970 Club Cardio Trainer


Landice has over 35 years field experience in the harshest fitness club environments and the Landice L970 Club Cardio Trainer represents the culmination of this experience.

Using the latest in engineering technology, uncompromised materials, and old-fashioned American craftsmanship, these exercise treadmills offer the features and dependability today’s high volume fitness clubs demand.

Before commencing the review it is worthwhile pausing to offer an explanation as to what the different model names in the Landice range mean.

We know that this has caused some confusion in the past so the following is an overview of the Landice range to enable you to decide which Landice Light Commercial or Full Commercial exercise treadmill will meet your needs.

Landice Range - Model differences

The only difference between a Pro Sports Trainer, Cardio Trainer and Executive Trainer is the display. The Pro Sports Trainer has a basic display, while the Executive has an "amazing" display.

The difference between the L7, L8 and L9 treadmills is the rollers and deck length. They get heavier and more durable as you go up, and the running surface gets longer.

The L7’s are available in the LTD (Light Commercial) and Club (Full Commercial) versions.

The L8’s are available in the LTD (Light Commercial) version only.

The L9’s are available in the Club (Full Commercial) version only.

This model offers a color, dot-matrix motivational display. Built-in programs, user defined fitness programs, and wireless interactive heart-rate control make this machine a must have.

Landice L970 Club Cardio Trainer

The running surface is propelled by a powerful motor - Landice use a 3 horsepower continuous-duty drive motor. Made in the USA, this motor can continuously deliver 3 HP without overheating.

Landice L970 Club Cardio Trainer

Wearing the safety lanyard with magnetic key switch provides added security should you need to stop quickly during your exercise routine.

Landice L970 Club Cardio Trainer

The Shock Absorption System Landice Treadmills feature is the "Softer than Grass" VFX shock absorption system.

Landice L970 Club Cardio Trainer

Landice use a high-inertia cast flywheel which not only provides for a smooth feel, it also protects the motor and electronics from damaging foot-plant spikes that reduce life.

Landice L970 Club Cardio Trainer

Large diameter rollers are used which require less tension than smaller rollers since they have more surface area to grab the belt.

Landice L970 Club Cardio Trainer


Two-color, Hi-definition, Motivational display

Quick-Speed and Quick-Grade controls

5 Built-in programs

5 User-defined programs

Unlimited effort levels

Variable time

Numeric keypad

Time, distance, and calorie goal programs

3 Fitness tests: Balke, Firefighter, Army

2 Built-in heart-rate monitoring programs

2 User-defined heart-rate monitoring programs

Standard wireless-chest-strap

Standard Accutrack contact heart-rate monitor

Four-ply tread belt

Electric elevation

Standard Accutrack contact heart-rate monitor

Reading / Accessory Rack

Two finishes: Titanium or Matte Textured Black


Motor: 3 CHP

Weight: 425 lbs

Belt size: 22” x 63”

Roller size: 3 -1/2” diameter

Incline: 12%

User weight: 500 lbs

Warranty: Frame / Parts / Wear ( Lifetime)

                 Service labor (1 year)

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