Cheap Treadmills

Looking for an affordable treadmill?

It used to be the case that the only way to buy a cheap treadmill was to seek out a used one, but nowadays it is possible to find a brand new unit at a good discount.

You may be tempted by the offers made by some mass merchant stores where you can buy a very attractive looking 'mill at prices which are a lot cheaper than those sourced from specialty fitness stores. But a word of caution is required here.

The models you find at Sears and other mass-merchants have had years of marketing surveys, customer focus groups, and design consultants to make sure that you believe the marketing hype.

The truth remains - you get what you pay for.

But also remember that when you buy online you can achieve significant savings over the cost of a similar model bought from a regular store as the merchant does not have to pay the overheads associated with a physical store and can pass the savings on to you.

Our regularly updated price list shows the prices of some of the most popular, low-cost models in the sub $1000 price range.

Cheap Treadmills Listings

$599  to  $999

$599 ProForm Performance 400i ... iFIT enabled / Bluetooth

$799 NordicTrack C 700 ... iFIT enabled / Bluetooth

$799 ProForm Performance 600i ... iFIT enabled / Bluetooth

$999 NordicTrack C 990... iFIT / web browser

$999 ProForm Power 995i ... iFIT enabled / Bluetooth

$999 Sole F63 ... wireless HRC

N.B. Prices are a guide only. Individual prices were recorded at around the time the equipment was reviewed.

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